Thursday, 26 March 2015

We're going to need guns, lot of guns!

Los Santos isn't exactly the safest place to live so your going to want to defend yourself, and in America that means getting a gun, or this case 30+ guns!
Luckily for you Los Santos & Blaine County have multiple branches of everyone's favourite store, Ammu-Nation.


From pistols to grenade launchers, Ammu-Nation has all the personal defence and hunting supplies you'll need.

As you move through the ranks of GTA:Online you'll unlock more and more weapons to add to your arsenal, from the Micro SMG at Level 5 to the Minigun at Level 120.
As well as unlockin new weapons, you can also unlock modificaitions that you can use to improve your weapons, however, not all the weapons have all the modifications and some have none.
The modifications include;

  • Extended clip/magazine - doubles clip size
  • Silencer - improves stealth but reduces damage
  • Scope/Improved Scope
  • Flashlight
  • Grip - Improves accuracy

As with the cars, there are different classes of weapons with the ammunition being shared between them (i.e the ammunition you buy for your assault rifle can also be used by your carbine)

Another thing to bear in mind is your shooting stat. As this increases either by skilled shooting in missions/deathmathes or by paying a visit to a shooting range at select Ammu-Nation stores. As this stat increases you suffer less from recoil, your accuracy will improve and you will be able to carry more ammunition. Very useful for those long missions.

Enough talk, lets have a look at the weapons shall we?


Here we see Mr Treets sporting the standard pistol with an extended clip. The pistol is the first weapon you'll get in GTA:Online, given to you free by Lamar Davies, it doesn't do much damage and has a small clip, with an average rate of fire and accuracy. It can be fitted with an extended clip (as shown)  as well as a silencer and a flashlight.

As part of the Special Edition (yes i got the special enough of the judging!) there were 3 exclusive weapons. All of which will be available on PC. One of these exclusive weapons is the Pistol .50 (shown above). It features a slightly smaller clip than the standard pistol but with a much greater damage and accuracy. Also shown is one of the many skins you can  recolour your weapons.


Another of the special edition weapons is the Bullpup Shotgun, as with most shotguns it deals high damage at low range. The Bullpup Shotgun features a small clip which cannot be extended, it also boasts a good rate of fire. With mine I have chosen to fit it with a grip to improve accuracy as well as a silencer. (Trust me it sounds awesome!) It has has been coloured with the Army tint.

The Heavy Shotgun features higher damage with a lower rate of fire than the Bullpup Shotgun. It can also be fitted with a Grip, Flashlight, Silencer and an extended clip. Oh and it looks awesome with the Platinum tint applied!

Automatic Weapons

The Assault SMG (yes it's a P90) is an excellent weapon for use by a skilled gunman in close quarters combat with multiple hostiles. Low damage (similar to a pistol!) but with an excellent rate of fire and a good clip size makes for a good dps in total. Here I have fitted it with a scope and extended clip, it can also be fitted with a silencer if you wish.

The AK47, sorry the Assault Rifle is one of the first automatic rifles you will gain access to (unlocked at level 24).  Featuring good all round stats, it is a solid choice for a primary weapon in most missions. Shown here fitted with an extended clip, scope and grip. It can also be fitted with a silencer and flashlight.

The Special Carbine was a DLC weapon added in early on to GTA:V. A much better rifle in all respects to the Assault Rifle, it excels in extended firefights with multiple hostiles over a moderate range. Fitted to this is a scope, grip and extended clip with once again an option for a flashlight and silencer.

Once you get to Level 50 you unlock the first of the truly big guns. The MG. With a huge clip, excellent rate of fire and range, with good damage. The MG is the survivalists weapons of choice against waves of enemies. One excellent feature of the MG is the use of it by a passenger on the sides of some helicopters, notably the Buzzard Attack Helicopter!

Now this is a weapon which I don't know if it will be available to first time players. The Gusenburg Sweeper was a time limited weapon on PS3, only available for a weekend. Modelled on the classic Tommy Gun of the 1930's it's excellent fun to play around with and can be fitted with an extended magazine.


The most basic of the Rifles but in skilled hands one of the most lethal, the Marksman Rifle features a fixed scope but a much faster rate of fire. (as fast as you can pull the trigger!)

The classic Sniper Rifle. Capable of being fitted with an Advanced Scope, silencer and extended clip. It is a vital part of your arsenal. Deadly, especially when you go off the radar! They'll never see you coming

Special Weapons

One of my favourites in destruction, the Grenade Launcher. The satisfying pop as you press the trigger followed by warm fiery goodness as the bad guys (or good guys, remember this is GTA!) spontaneously combust! Fitted here with a grip and scope, it can also be fitted with a flashlight in case the flames of your first shot don't provide enough light!

At Level 100 you get the ulitmate in long range freedom. The RPG (a homing version was also added in a DLC which Mr Treets is very fond of using to destroy the package you need to collect in some missions!)
A low ammo count, with a high cost per rocket, means it is best used sparingly. But when it is used let me give you a piece of advice, stand well clear...

There are a lot more weapons I could talk about, and I realise I haven't mentioned throwables at all! But I'm going to leave it there for this week. Once again any questions drop me a message!

Huge thanks to Mr Treets for his help in getting the photos for this weeks blog post!

Still to come;
  • Missions and what to expect.
  • Messing around in Freeroam

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