Monday, 22 October 2012

Hopling - Gotta catch em all !

After a night of adventuring we stumbled upon these mysterious hidden creatures... Can you find them too ??


More elusive Hopling's found !! can you join the hunt ?

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

RG1 - First boss dead

Great job guys RG1 first full official night brings its first victim. A great fight with those damnable dogs and we found their bite isn't as bad as their bark.

A couple of Disconnects hinder us early on and made us wipe a couple of times but as soon as this was solved it was end of story for the hounds.

We also dipped our toes into the second boss and before raid time end we got a third stage push.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Raid Groups Start HERE !

Ok guys its been a week since the raids opened and we dipped our toes in a non official way into Mogushan Vaults so now we begin our OFFICIAL Raid Groups.

Starting with Raid Group 1 tonight is its inaugural run and roster so get ready !

Raid Group 1 Roster

Tank & Raid Leader : Fenriswolf - Warrior
Tank : Maere - Paladin
Healer : Gusthix - Druid
Healer : Connor
Healer : Moonraiser
DPS Melee : Pastueriser - DeathKnight
DPS Melee : TBC
DPS Ranged & Raid Second in Command : Buzznuts - Warlock
DPS Ranged : Auroh - Mage
DPS Ranged : Vuze - Hunter

As you can see only one slot has not been confirmed yet and awaits placement so please contact me asap with interest.

To follow the full roster of this group and its running raid group 2 will be formed so again please contact me with interest in any of the below positions:

Raid Group 2 Roster

Tank : 
Tank :
Healer :
Healer :
Healer :
DPS Melee :
DPS Melee :
DPS Ranged :
DPS Ranged :
DPS Ranged :

So contact me with your interest and we will see what happens !

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Guild first level 90 Pandaren Monk

Congratulations to Chaoxiang ( Soulharvest ) The guilds first levelled Pandaren Monk.
Well done mate and enjoy the 20 thousand gold you won in the guild challenge.

More challenges to come so get ready all !