Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The first board gaming night confirmed

The first CWP board gaming tourney is confirmed for Saturday the 29th of June and with it the first six brave souls are Fenris, Sprinx, MrTreets, Malfius, Berserker & Rainman. See picture below for who they are !

Malfius       MrTreets             Fenris           Berserker     Rainman

Who will win and take the trophy and title of CWP Board Game Champion ?
Who will drink far too much and who will start crying like a little girl when they are soundly beaten ?

Stay tuned for the results !

Interested in joining one of these nights ?? Then get on the forum and apply at the post "board gaming nights".
Also to get a look at all details of players and 

More nights to come !!

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Bored ?? Its board gaming time !

Very soon a few brave nerdy WP adventurers are getting together to start regular board gaming. its a way of revisiting those childhood and childish things and to get together in a social way for a drink ( or a lot ) and a chat about life and its meaning while rolling some dice !

Interested, WP and local ?? Give me a shout !! Oh yeah and there is a trophy lol

Heres a couple of the first games we may be playing :