Thursday, 24 January 2013

Wasteland Arma 2 Friday nights

Hooyah Soldier !!! Sign up and get fighting, this is your call to arms !

Every Friday night we are playing the excellent and war torn mod for Arma 2 Wasteland.
So if you have Arma2 and its add on Operation Arrowhead join us for great team based FPS realism in a sandbox war.

Base building, base destroying, enemy killing, weapon shooting, crazy driving fun !! So the question is not should you play it... the question is why aren't you ??

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Mogushan vault completed on RG1 night !

A great fight with Elegon gave us our first kill towards completion and was a job well done by all including a couple of achievements gained during. Awesome work all !!

The final fight and was one of the most fun for all was a down to the wire slobberknocker with the Spirit Kings and with it the completion of Mogushan Vaults now lets get Heart of Fear !

Honourable mention to our great subs from RG2 of Boneshock and Chocochips, if only they could DPS !!