Wednesday, 27 March 2013

A look forward !

Just a post to show all what is happening at the moment and what we are planning as a clan as things are pretty quiet out there right now.

Games we are playing now :

World of Warcraft

The guild has taken somewhat of a lull at the moment as seems the whole Deathwing realm and WoW itself. We will be holding a guild in game meeting and rally call soon to fully decide the path we take regarding migration and activity. So please let me know of any ideas or thoughts you may have.

World of Tanks

A resurgence of activity with about 8 of us playing and building towards possibly clan wars so if interested give Sparxz or myself a shout and get tanking. Its free to play and great for simple pick up games.

These are the two main clan games at the moment but we are playing many more games together such as :

War Thunder
Battlefield 3
Diablo 3

etc etc etc etc

So if you own it we will play it :)

As for future games who knows ?? With titles such as Company of heroes 2 and Battlefield 4 looming there are some great choices coming up.