Tuesday, 31 May 2011

New website front page !

Now we have the domain webby address back of www.clanwolfpack.co.uk im just working on an animated front page heres the progress so far :) Click it for a closer look.. And please let me know what ya think

Ive just added the battle banner showing some ( not all as too many to mention ) of our previous victories

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

WoW News : RG2 Downs Atramedes

Well done to RG2 and their first downing of Atramedes using the patented CWP Clock face tactic. Awesome play all ! This has been a really busy and successful week for the guild and both raid groups and we are only just getting warmed up.

Monday, 23 May 2011

WoW News : RG1 kills Cho'Gall

Great job all on this fight RG1 and a couple of honourable mentions to the following :
Railtorn for swapping out to give us a much needed extra ranged .. This kill was for you brother !
Asuka for jumping in at a moments notice to fill in for Tumak.. He will be so Jealous lol

It also saw our first Live streaming of this event ( thanks to Maere ) which was viewed by quite a few people.

Oh and yeah we downed Chimaeron as well so now all that remains is Nefarion and Al'Akir GG all

Sunday, 22 May 2011

WoW News : Done Fishing Finally .......

Finally after weeks of people fishing we had a mass Fishing raid and extinction level Rhino killing spree to give us this sought after achievement and the Seafood Magnifique Feast !
A big Grats and thanks go to all those that have contributed over the last few weeks and those that helped in the Grand CWP Fish Feast Raid that culminated in Jagerbomb winning the last fish caught prize !

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

WoW News : RG2 Milkmans Bottletop Bandits kill Chimaeron

Congratulations to RG2 for downing Chimaeron, well done guys awesome job and you have come such a long way in the couple of weeks you have been a full group

More to come eh ?

World Of Tanks News : Patch day has arrived !

This is your call to arms !
Its here , I've downloaded it and about to play !
Now is the time for those damn Russian and American tanks to feel the might of the Tiger tank ( or not ).

New maps, New vehicles and loads more !! See patch notes below:


See you on the battlefield !

Sunday, 15 May 2011

A new addition to our World of Warcraft exploits.

Starting soon is a new organised PvP group within the CWP. Its Officer is Cenedra who is ready to sort out for rated battlegrounds and any other PvP action people want.
So Give her a shout if you have what it takes to join the "War Wolves" and take it to the enemy be they Horde or Alliance alike.
This group is open to all members of the CWP Guild so if you are in a raid group or not it doesnt matter simply join in.
You can also express if you are interested by commenting on this post here !

For more WoW news visit the guild page or go to our forum !

Friday, 13 May 2011

What we are Playing !!

Welcome to our new web page join it now !
All news will be posted here concerning the games we play and the things we do so keep informed here.
Just a quick run through of the games we are currently playing together as a Clan
 World of Warcraft is our main online game and we have a large Guild on the Deathwing EU server and yes we are Horde...of course. Check out the WoW CWP specific news page on the above link bar !

Our other main game is World of Tanks which we have a small but growing group really enjoying it.

Coming soon !!

Working hard on my Desk to get this running !