Saturday, 19 April 2014

War Thunder Ground Forces

Well been playing it for the week and my first thoughts are simply AWESOME... Oh yeah and I got my Tiger !!

So with that in mind heres my review for what its worth and I promise not to bash World of Tanks too much

GFX : Firstly the graphics are really good with the terrain being lush with vegetation and plenty of areas to hide in. HD tanks are a sight to see and appear larger in your screen than in WoT which for me gives it a more huge machinery feel while not detracting from your vision as most firing is best done using the sights.

Shadows really add to the atmosphere and can help you hide in a dark spot as you can see in the picture above this silly T34 came trundling down the road while I was firing from cover in proper Tiger tactics. There is no silly disappearing invisibility of tanks so if you see it you can shoot it.
So I would say graphically it is far superior to WoT in its textures and look and frame rate was as good as in WoT with the extra details.

GAMEPLAY : The game premise is about the same as WoT as you would expect and it works as well. it does have a great system of historical battles that I have seen WoT trying to bring in. Also there are NO mythical tanks ( paper tanks ) which is such a better thing. All tanks in WW2 only are in this and the balance is really good for example you find out fast to play each tank to its strength as they were designed. Tigers excel at range in fixed position whereas a T34 on he move and coming up close can soon outmaneuver the Tiger.
Saying that any tank can damage any tank........ Awesome. I have disabled a KV1 with a Panzer 2 and then took it apart with aimed shots into cupolas, driver slots etc. So even heavy tanks need to fear all vehicles.

An aimed shot from a prepared position can one shot any tank if it hits the right point so beware. If you look at the scoreboard below I was playing a flank position firing at a choke point to rack up the kills with aimed shots. Also the different tanks show scores not dependent on their type unlike WoT.

Above all i will say that money is not something you ever run out of like the planes in War Thunder as Gaijin have stated they don't want a pay to play scenario like in WoT which for me is the biggest benefit to this game.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

DayZ Survival Episode 2

A week of Hell had hit you since arriving in the Chernarus region and with it despair and death followed.
After finding other survivors some friendly and some not your group had grown and then been split asunder yet one thing remained.... The hope of rescue. During a skirmish in the town of Kamyshovo a radio had been found with some life left in its batteries and with it a signal.

"Bzzzttt......If you are alive and can hear this we are waiting at Balota ....tsssssssss..........."

Objective 2

Whether alone or in the group you must make your way to the Southern airfield known as Balota and reach the airfields control tower to succeed. Once at least one of you reach this towers top you will recieve your next objective....... Good luck !!

Once your group makes contact using the Tower radio you receive further instructions stating to head North. All survivors must meet at the town of Lopatino for extraction.......

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

DayZ Survival game starts this Thursday !!

Beginning this Thursday is our DayZ Survival nights with an official kick of time of 8pm till 10pm

Rules of Survival

Starting from day one we will all spawn as fresh characters on a designated Hardcore server

Each character can only be played on the official night so no loot farming can occur

If your character dies all his gear becomes the groups and the dead player must spawn fresh and make his way to us as a new character to the group

You must not be hit by a zombie and bleed as this counts as your characters death. It is up to the group whether to leave you or kill you before you turn. You can not remain with the group due to infection
The only exception to this is if you have antibiotics to be administered instantly.

If you or shot or injured in any other way you can heal this as the game permits.

If you are a fresh spawn trying to rejoin the group you may only use in game voice until you are accepted by the group and recognized. You can listen to us on team speak but not talk to us with it until accepted its game voice only.

If you get seperated from the group due to absence or having to leave early then team speak rules apply unless your character has a walkie talkie then you can use TS as normal

If you are unsure of any rules ask away and I will explain


The game initially starts with a simple objective which is to find the group. This counts for anytime you fresh spawn as the group will not risk itself for a single person.

Each Thursday night of game play is classed as an Episode in our RPG story line so Episode one is titled "The meeting" and as per rules no information as to your location or details about your character can be given over team speak until you are in the group

At the end of each night ( Episode ) there will be objectives posted on the Blog and forum which will lead to an eventual final objective of a seasons survival.

Each episode lasts for 2 hours between 8 and 10pm if you have to leave or cant make that nights play you are classed as lost and therefore new spawn rules apply when you next play

The longest surviving character becomes the group leader and makes the decisions during game play time

This leads us to Episode One The Meeting and your first objectives

As you awaken upon the shore your vision clears....Where the hell am I ? is the first thought that hits you followed by And What the hell happened to my plane ? the last memory you have is one turbulence in the darkened cabin of a C130 transport out of Kabul. Your flight had just reached the Black Sea region when the storm hit..... The last point you were heading towards on your nav maps was the coastal town of Kamyshovo and then on to a military airfield nearby........ Where am I and did any of my unit survive ???...............

Objective 1

Driven by the need for food and drink you must first find items with which to survive and then locate the town of Kamyshovo.
Secondly you must attempt to locate any other surviving members of your unit and group up from there you must decide on your next course of action....Good Luck !!