Saturday, 19 April 2014

War Thunder Ground Forces

Well been playing it for the week and my first thoughts are simply AWESOME... Oh yeah and I got my Tiger !!

So with that in mind heres my review for what its worth and I promise not to bash World of Tanks too much

GFX : Firstly the graphics are really good with the terrain being lush with vegetation and plenty of areas to hide in. HD tanks are a sight to see and appear larger in your screen than in WoT which for me gives it a more huge machinery feel while not detracting from your vision as most firing is best done using the sights.

Shadows really add to the atmosphere and can help you hide in a dark spot as you can see in the picture above this silly T34 came trundling down the road while I was firing from cover in proper Tiger tactics. There is no silly disappearing invisibility of tanks so if you see it you can shoot it.
So I would say graphically it is far superior to WoT in its textures and look and frame rate was as good as in WoT with the extra details.

GAMEPLAY : The game premise is about the same as WoT as you would expect and it works as well. it does have a great system of historical battles that I have seen WoT trying to bring in. Also there are NO mythical tanks ( paper tanks ) which is such a better thing. All tanks in WW2 only are in this and the balance is really good for example you find out fast to play each tank to its strength as they were designed. Tigers excel at range in fixed position whereas a T34 on he move and coming up close can soon outmaneuver the Tiger.
Saying that any tank can damage any tank........ Awesome. I have disabled a KV1 with a Panzer 2 and then took it apart with aimed shots into cupolas, driver slots etc. So even heavy tanks need to fear all vehicles.

An aimed shot from a prepared position can one shot any tank if it hits the right point so beware. If you look at the scoreboard below I was playing a flank position firing at a choke point to rack up the kills with aimed shots. Also the different tanks show scores not dependent on their type unlike WoT.

Above all i will say that money is not something you ever run out of like the planes in War Thunder as Gaijin have stated they don't want a pay to play scenario like in WoT which for me is the biggest benefit to this game.

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