Tuesday, 18 February 2014

DayZ - The Battle of Hill 105-128

Splash one dirty bushwacker ! HEADSHOT

Hydration is so important before a battle

Forward under cover

The hill is taken

Covering your section

Tango spotted !!

Day 5 - The Battle is Joined
And so it began..... Six  brave soldiers took the hill overlooking Elektrozavodsk on a calm summer afternoon. A calmness that gave no clue as to the carnage that would ensue...

Fenris. Ridz, Headie, Helmet, Agent jack & Ridz Friend

Taking fire from the Power Station we returned it with gusto and pushed to claim it from them. Then sporadic gunfire from the hill at Elektro forced us to flank around to the pump house hill and engage. Wiping this threat out we then took fire from the forests to the north.

We bravely faced about 3 different groups of people and took the fight to them for what seemed ages.

Finally due to overwhelming numbers we withdrew bloodied but never beaten..... The hill was never taken from the brave five.... Salute !!

DayZ - On Tour !

Would you buy a home from this moustachio clown ??

What the hell is going on here ??

I think I recognise this guy......

Day 4 - Jolly Holidays
Just a few snapshots of our Holiday in Chernarus...ahhh the fun we had together just Me, Helmet and Agent Jack touring the funspots

Saturday, 15 February 2014

DayZ - The UN Ass kicking force

Day 3 - The UN arrive in Chernarus

Following reports of infection and general Banditry we have combined forces and are now a growing unit of death dealers and life savers hooyah.

We number 7 so far !! MAGNIFICENT !!

Fenris, Berserker, Sprinx, Purplehelmet, Agent Jack, VimtoVoom & Qball

It began as a quiet recon of Balota where we saved a guy from certain Zombie death. he literally soiled his pants to see the UN converge on him with guns trained.....

Then it all kicked of with some dirty bandit taking out two of our own. After a frantic few minutes we flanked his dirty ass and emptied full clips into his twitching floor flushing carcass.....

Keeping all the gear we held the airfield and escorted our returning brothers in arms to their items bringing us back to a full fighting unit. Then Northwards we headed.......

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

DayZ - A Lesson in Life

Day 2 - Knock Knock........ Whos there ?  Tanis....... BANG

Here is a lesson for you all from Tanis that he has kindly shared with us so read his transcript and leanr fast....

The lesson for today is “Check before you open the door”
Logged on at dinner just though I would do a cheeky run of the military
camp before I went back to work.

Checked the server list, ok only three people on the server good to go. As
I approached the military camp I was looking over the wall checking the
route, Barracks doors close a good sign I approached the first hut entered
the first room nothing special a pistol I’ll keep that for one of the
others, bags, drinks and a bit of ammo, last room M4, lock and load
now were in business . Move onto the next hut more bags, ammo, hats and
drinks. Last hut doors closed open the door. All doors closed as I went to
open the door shots rang out and I’m pushing up daises, sleeping with the
fishes, a stiff board, Dead as a doe doe and looking at a black screen with
the letters “YOU ARE DEAD” get the picture. Check the f******g doors

Now playing sand castles on the coast trying to get a tan to hide my white
zombie skin