Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Starting out in Los Santos

When you get off the plane at Los Santos International Airport in four weeks time, things will seem a bit overwhelming. A huge city to explore, plus the surrounding towns and countryside and just the clothes on your back to your name.

Thankfully your contact in Los Santos is ready and waiting to show you the ropes.

Lamar Davis, drug dealer and gang-banger extraordinaire. A member of the Los Santos Families he'll pick you up from the airport and give you the rundown to life in the city (as well as your first pistol) Lamar gives you a lift to uptown LS and Vinewood, here he challenges you to your first race, a couple of laps around the block to see how well you drive (to be fair he doesn't drive too well so should be an easy way for $2,000). Once the race is done Lamar takes you to meet Gerald, a more established drug dealer. Whilst they have a chat Lamar expects you to go and get some new clothes, so pick up and head to a clothes store (self explantory really!)

Once you've changed into a fresh set of clothes you'll finally get an opportunity to select your first car and fit it with a tracker. Choose wisely here, this car will be with you for a while so take your time, drive around a bit and have a look what's available before you commit.

Living the American Dream

Once you've got your car and given it a nice new coat of paint you'll probably want to find somewhere out the street to park it. Time to start shopping for a safehouse then! These exist in 6 forms 2,6 or 10 car garages - with or without attached apartments. The 2 car garages start from $30,000 whilst the 10 car apartments (which you need plan heists) costs $300,000 to $500,000. You can currently own up to three different safehouses, which equates to up to 30 stored personal cars!

Climbing the Ranks

As you climb the ranks in GTA Online from a lowly rank 1 with a pop gun, you unlock more and more useful equipment that is then available for purchase, from your first automatic weapon at rank 5 to an RPG at rank 100. You also unlock new activities and new contacts who will give you access to more missions to complete. So what's the fastest way to rank up then I hear you ask? Just play the game! Contact Missions are by far the best way to rank up and are infinitely repeatable as you unlock them. What's more if you're sociable and complete missions with others and not on your own you get more reward for doing so. For every extra person taking part you earn an extra 10% Cash and RP (Reputation points - GTA's version of XP) up to 30% for 4 people taking part. As well as ranking up completing missions is the fastest way to get the cash rolling in, and as I've said before cash is king in the city of Los Santos.

In future blog posts I'll be exploring
  • Vehicles and Upgrades
  • Weapons and Mods
  • Missions and what to expect
  • Messing around in Freeroam

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