Sunday, 8 March 2015

Grand Theft Auto V

In a little over a month the game we've all been waiting for will finally (hopefully) be released on PC

Grand Theft Auto V

Since it was originally announced over three years ago for console, I was hyped, as the release date got closer I was sniffing out every bit of information available regarding the gameplay and the story line.
However even back then delays were part of the waiting process. The original release date of May 2013 was pushed back to September, much to many peoples annoyance. But then, with less than a month to go Rockstar released the trailer below and it was decided, not only was I getting this game at launch, I was going to the midnight release. The only game I have ever done this for!


It was worth the wait, In less than a month I had finished my first playthrough of the Story, and what a Story! It's got everything you'd expect of a modern blockbuster and what's more, you're part of the action! The character development is so good you find yourself starting to play as how you think the characters should behave. As Micheal you tend to be a bit more cautious and rational in your behaviour, always leaning towards the slow and steady approach, checking every corner, covering every angle. As Franklin, a bit more fast and furious, adapting quickly to situations as they develop. And then there's Trevor, shoot first and don't bother with questions later, instead you shoot them again for good measure!

A month after GTA:V was released on consoles, GTA Online went live, as always these days with new online titles there were some initial teething issues (it took me three days to get past the tutorial and then my character was seemingly deleted!) But once they settled down it was a whole new game.
For starters trying to figure out whether or not you could trust other players in Freemode (you can't, end of discussion). Getting enough cash together to get yourself a safehouse and a good car, and then getting even more cash together so that you can get the apartment and car you actually want!

The best way to get cash in Los Santos (and cash is king) is through missions. These vary greatly in scope. From ambushing a drug deal at the scrap yard to taking down mercenary soldiers at the airport and stealing a military cargo plane. By yourself they're fun enough, but playing through missions with friends is another level. You start off just running around like headless chickens, not really communicating what the other is doing and then laughing when you get blown up. this quickly changes once you start to learn the others play style and how best to complete the mission. It really does feel like a team effort and when you walk away from the prize you feel a sense of achievement, especially if the mission is one that has been beating you for a while.

And this is only going to get better when Heists are released. Heists will be a series of 4 player co-op missions where you really do have to work together to come away with the big prize!

If you are looking to get GTA:V or have already preordered, and would like some more info or to join in with the Clan Wolfpack follow the links below, or find me on the Clan Teamspeak channel on a Monday or Wednesday. Until then have one more video to build the hype.



  1. Nice one mate can't wait :) I will get it as soon as I'm back from holidays !!

  2. Btw folks I will try my best to try and do a post a week until launch in 5 weeks time!